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Chacu Lodge | Salta

Though there are a handful of places to catch Golden Dorado throughout South America, Salta, Argentina offers an entirely unique fishing experience.   The lack of pressure keeps the fish healthy and the fishing consistent.  The area's ideal habitat makes for great quantity and great quality alike.  On an average fishing day, anglers generally hook 10 to 15 fish, and on a great day can hook over 25.  Adults can be regularly found in the 15 to 25lb range as they migrate upriver to spawn.  Chacu lodge has exclusive rights to fish the most productive stretches of the Dorado, Juramento, Seco and Del Valle rivers.  These rivers and countless mountain streams are all easily accessed from Chacu Lodge.  Some water offers easy wade fishing while other waters are fished by floating rafts.

Dorados on the Fly, Amokagny Lodge

DORADOS ON THE FLY, owned by Ricardo "Pinti" Pinto is an exciting new dorado fishing destination on the upper Parana River, located near the small fishing village of Ita Ibate, in Northern Argentina province of Corrientes. Pinti is a passionate fly fisher and recognized expert on dorado with a sincere desire to show his guests the very best fishing experience possible. After a week with Pinti you will have a friend for life – he is just one of those special people.

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