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Patagonia River Ranch

Patagonia River Ranch is a world-class fly fishing guest ranch nestled on the banks of the legendary Chimehuin River. Their location is in the center of the 7 most productive rivers in Northern Patagonia. This provides their guests a unique opportunity to fish up to 6 different rivers during their stay, while unpacking bags only once.

Laguna Verde Lodge

This intimate, comfortable lodge has been carved out of some of the most inhospitable country imaginable, with nothing but flat, windswept, sagebrush-dotted volcanic plains as far as the eye can see. In the few short years since their introduction, the lake's rainbows have quickly reached massive proportions, due largely to the lake'sstaggering population of freshwater scuds. Trout in the 6-12 pound category are simply average, and fish in excess of 20 pounds are seen here on a fairly regular basis (seen, but only rarely landed!). 

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