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The Glacial Gateway


El Calafate is located very close to both the Glacier Perito Moreno, and Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. This area has many different tourist activities, and has become more of a travel destination as of the last few decades.


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EOLO - Patagonia's Spirit


Eolo is a unique place, that embodies the spirit of Patagonia: its indigenous roots, the personal experiences of the first Europeans and Criollo settlers and those of the adventurers of all over the world that still today reach this legendary land. Those who visit us enjoy unique experiences, taking unforgettable images back with them. We invite you to discover Eolo - Patagonia's Spirit.

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Hotel Posada Los Alamos


In their hotel you will find a special area to make your stay memorable in Patagonia. At Hotel Posada Los Alamos each area has been designed for your maximum enjoyment through your stay. Their goal is to provide more and better services to our guests, accompanies our growth.


Viva la Pepa


Great Coffee and a relaxing low key eating establishment. Viva la Pepa is an expression of joy and fun. We invite you to enjoy a colorful atmosphere , good things , good service and music.

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